18 Jul
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Here’s One to Follow

I am still trying to work in some mojo to this site. I thought I had it all nailed down, but it’s shaping up differently than I originally thought it would. Which is why I turned to all the cool folks online and started collecting links.

You can see the Mancave Sites listed at the bottom of this site. So far these are some of the best and coolest places I have found and I wanted to mention a new one (to me anyway): Manmade.

Manmade logo

This site is slap full of cool DIY ideas and images. Lots of time and planning go into some of his posts, but you can believe that some of the projects from Manmade will make it into my very own mancave. Soon. One day.

Drop me a note in the comments if you have any other cool sites that offer up DIY solutions. I am all about learning something new, while keeping costs down and the creativity up.

16 Jul
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Let’s get this party started!

I have no idea what I am doing here. This is what I do know: I have a not-new house. I have a growing family. I need some space. I need some peace. I need to chill.

So that is what I’ll chronicle here at MancaveMojo. I have a garage to conquer and convert into usable space. And by usable I mean a place I can work out, get work done, chill, play cards, etc. Maybe even put a force field up, if I have to.

So what’s needed for a mancave? Beer? Check. What else… let’s find out.

If you have ideas, suggestions or complaints, please share. Especially if you have already carved out your little fiefdom. I would love to learn from those who have gone before.